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Ficções do Eu

The body in contrast to the environment, the exposed body light and under weight, cutouts, sequences, fragments, syntax. In an photographic essay conducted during the years 2018 to 2020, Ana Gilbert presents us with a body, her body, in images. In it, it transcends its own identity, since the artist focuses on identity elements that are less obvious than the face, reinforcing the idea of ​​an “I body”. A body that before being the expression of the artist's identity is also the expression of individuality in the human dimension.

Anchored in the polysemic characteristic of the image and its semantics, that is, its symbolic relationship, Ana Gilbert's photographs provoke the imagination from nuances, contrasts, fragments and juxtapositions of this "I body" that finds, from fiction, its connection with the other. Through it, the “I body” is transmuted into memories and meanings that challenge the viewer, inviting him into the narrative, but allowing him to be guided by his own memories and affections.

In this sense, the narratives that Ana Gilbert creates in her photographs are built in sharing, with the artist's body as the trigger of the imaginary, inviting the viewer to daydream while reordering the fragments of his memory, (re) building fictions of the self.

This exhibition integrates the actions of the Cultural Production discipline of the Bachelor of Visual Arts course at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), coordinated by Professor Juliana Angeli.

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