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Collective of Artists - Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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The artist from Minas Gerais, Bia Perdigão, researches the relationship between time and visual narratives, through collages, photos and mixtures of text and images. Thus, it seeks to expand the notions of fruition in art, perceiving this relationship as changeable.


Given the inevitability of time, the decision to try to preserve it, to extend it to the maximum, can prove tempting. However, the artist's invitation challenges us to accept that what we see will soon no longer be there, and instead of choosing to use our time to postpone the inevitable, the most profitable thing should be to opt for nothing and enjoy the unfolding of the events.


A new ehxibition is coming soon!

A segunda parte da TRELA já está no ar! Acesse a exposição!

A segunda parte da TRELA já está no ar! Acesse a exposição!

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Clique no botão e acesse a Galeria BRECHA

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